A Houston based company established in 2020. Latina owned and operated; inspired by our Mexican roots. We LOVE our people, our culture and our food! We specialize in hand painted cantaritos where we serve our flavorful AGUAS LOKAS.

Mango Loko

One of our best sellers! A blend of mango pieces, our house chili powder and chamoy base. Mango Loko is on the sweeter side with a whiff of spice. Just enough sweetness to be complimented with a dash of chili lime seasoning.

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Sandia Loka

Number 2 of our top 3! A blend of pure watermelon, our house chili powder and chamoy base. Sandia Loka is more on the denser side with simply enough sweetness to perfectly pair with your seltzer!

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Guava Loka

Where are our GUAVA lovers at? Give your beer a tropical twist! A blend of pure guava and our house chili powder and chamoy base. Guava Loka's density sits between our Mango Loko and Sandia Loka. Just enough tanginess to make your tastebuds dance!

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460 W Gulf Bank Rd, Houston, TX 77037

Saturdays & Sundays

Delicious mango dip and watermelon rim paste/dip (beer candy) can be used for drinks or fruit.

Jamie Lizama

10/10 recommend, mango one smacked and the Chamoy on the rim is also ‎️‍🔥

Gerardo Estevez

The painted jars are so cute and the juice, and chamoy is really good!